Perks of language

The day before yesterday, I was returning from Delhi to Kanpur after my failed IES attempt. The scheduled departure of the train was at 11.50 pm, and I guess I arrived railway station at 9.00 pm, so I had around 3 hours to spend. I had a 3-AC ticket, so I directly went to upper class waiting room. Soon I got indulged in listening to music and chatting. An hour passed by and I felt a bit hungry but I resisted to walk down to the canteen as I was tired and feeling a bit lazy. One more hour passed by, but now it was really getting unbearable, so I went out looking for the railway canteen. As it was getting late, most of the shops were about to close and they were turning off lights. Meanwhile I found one particular Chinese restaurant which was still serving. I went up to that shop and I ordered noodles along with a chicken gravy. While the cook was preparing the same, I was looking shops nearby for water but I was unsuccessful. Not a single shop had mineral water at that time. The canteen manager was watching me while I was roaming in the search of water. I returned back to take my food but I was bit disappointed. While paying the money I said, “Kya bhaiya!, humko to paani hi nhi mila kahin pe” in the lower tone. On this, he consolidated that it has already been quite late for the shops to be open. In the initial conversation also I was using a mixture of UP and Bihari language. On that note, I took the parcel, paid the amount and went to cafeteria in front of that shop to dine. After few bites I took, the manager came to me with a bottle of water and handed it to me. I was overwhelmed by his gesture and thanked him. He went on further to ask me where I came from. I said, “hum to patna bihar se hain, aur abhi kanpur me padhai kar rhe hain”. I could see a bit of assurance in his eyes and he replied back that he is manager of that shop, pointing towards his ID card, and he is not supposed to do such work but he did it purposefully for me. I was a bit taken aback and didn’t know how to respond. I thanked him and said, “bahut dhanyawaad bhaiya”. Then he left and I continued with the meal.

It was heart warming and I believe that it all happened due to the way I talked to him. I was happy and I had peaceful journey back to Kanpur.