No dues IIT Kanpur

Here I would explain steps required to get NO-DUES for B.Tech.-M.Tech. dual degree students (EE specifically).

  1. Visit No Dues form online at DOAA website ( few days before the thesis submission (although it is variable). If it shows your old UG roll number then get it changed from the OARS office, they will change it to your new PG roll number.
  2. After verifying the correctness of the form, click on submit button and wait for a day. Automatically “NO DUES” will be shown from all the unnecessary places where you don’t have any dues. Meanwhile following steps are needed for thesis submission.
    1. Finalize your thesis and defense committee with your supervisor. All the required forms are available here ( Your supervisor would ideally send “List of Suggested Examiners for M.Tech. Thesis” to department office after which that form is translated to DOAA office.
    2. Get X thesis certificates signed by supervisor/s depending on number of examiners. (X=number of supervisor/s + 2 (#examiners))
    3. Print X copies of your thesis and replace the certificate page with the ‘signed’ certificate page. (no need of hard binding, soft binding/folder would work)
    4. Submit the printed thesis to DOAA UG section. (they should have already received the “List of Suggested Examiners for M.Tech. Thesis” form sent by your supervisor).
    5. DOAA office person will put a dated stamp on the certificate page. Now you can have thesis defense atleast 7 days to 4 months from the mentioned date.
    6. Also ask for the ‘thesis aid’ form, that would reimburse 750 INR for printing thesis.
    7. After thesis defense, correction may be suggested. Act upon the changes and take Y copies of the final thesis (hard binding). (Y=number of supervisor/s+1 (for EE dept. library)+1 (for yourself if you wish))
  3. After submitting the thesis, your supervisor is expected to clear NO DUES online from his/her side.
  4. Take the department No Dues form from your department office and get the signatures of necessary people at labs/offices and submit it back. Ask dept. office person to clear no dues online.
  5. Pay the Hall Dues which includes payment of mess bill, canteen & xerox shop bill, room rent and clearance from the Hall secretaries. After all the process, ask  hall office person to clear no dues online.
  6. Go to DOSA office and get online no dues from SC/ST book bank, student gymkhana and SBF.
  7. Go to ID cell (near computer center) with your ID card and health booklet where they will punch your ID card and clear no dues online.
  8. After your thesis defense, update your thesis defense date at DOAA office.
  9. Go to “” and submit your thesis online. And again you have to go physically to library to get it accepted and pay the the library fine if any. (there are various mode of payment for paying fine like do the payment at account section and show the receipt at library, etc.).
  10. Look if there is any dues left on the online form, and contact required offices accordingly. Now, you must have ‘No dues’ in every row of the online NO DUES form. click on submit.
  11. If you have completed the no-dues process before convocation then one has to fill convocation consent form (released each year on convocation website
    1. Pay 1000 INR (if you are NOT attending convocation) OR
    2. Pay 1100 INR   (if you are attending convocation)
  12. The DOAA person will give you 3 scanned copy of the stamped no dues form (they will keep the original stamped no-dues copy).
    1. One copy has to be submitted to the Dept. office for the release of last month stipend.
    2. One copy has to  be submitted to the DOSA office along with the caution money refund form. (
    3. One copy has to be submitted to Alumni office at Outreach 206. They will create Alumni card and hand over the souvenirs to you if you have applied for Permanent membership (it costs 2000 INR). Also take soft copy of your photo to create your online alumni profile before going to alumni office.



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